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On the occasion of World AIDS Day 2014 -on 1 December- and support the fight against the disease, Apple and large developers 'apps' are partnering with the nonprofit organization (RED) to raise funds for programs in Africa.
From Monday 24 November to 7 December the App Store, in a special section called "Apps for (RED)" will provide 25 'apps' with new and exclusive content whose proceeds will go directly to the Global Fund to fight AIDS .

 Clash of Clans Hack 2015IOS users can see popular applications like Monument Valley, Paper, Rayman Party Run, Threes! or GarageBand transformed into (RED) in this section.

Also, Apple will donate part of the proceeds of its stores Apple Store and Apple Online Store worldwide for two days of selling of the year: Friday November 28 and Monday December 1st.
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"Apple is working with the organization (RED) because we believe that the gift of life is the most important gift  last eight years, our customers have helped combat AIDS in Africa by funding lifesaving treatments that are having a hugely positive impact."

"This year we will launch our biggest fundraising action carried out so far, with the participation of our online and physical stores; and some of the brightest minds shop 'apps' App Store are also lending their talents to this action. "

Moreover, in the US, on Friday November 28 Apple customers receive a iTunes Gift Card Special Edition (RED) to buy some Apple products. For every gift card distributed, Apple also donate a percentage to the Global Fund.

"Apple is not only committed to the fight against AIDS. Is setting new standards for businesses, donating $ 75 million and working with the Global Fund as part of its partnership with (RED), "says co-founder of (RED) Bono. "I can not be more proud to work with them."

The company has been working with (RED) since 2006 and has already raised $ 75 million for the cause. This year, with a range of new devices including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and new iPad tablets will be interesting to see how big the contribution made by Apple sales in the two major shopping days of the year .