Ok, yes, raids glory is very similar Clash of clans and all these other similar games. Surprisingly, however, that offers a few things that are not so generic. It looks pretty good, too.
This time you will have the full strength of the pirates, who are willing to loot everything in sight. It is similar to the usual way of doing things concept. You have a base, and then gradually install new units in the area. There barracks build and update, shooting, are ways to make more gold and rum (first buys the building of a new last troops), and the defense of the place.

Soon it's all quite slow. You can place towers to defend against enemies, but the strongest defense is pretty outside. How to gradually upgrade different things, but all options are open.

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The key to progress is to explore the map and attack either AI opponents or other players. Gold and experience gained in this way, plus it's fun. It also shows a little skillful games of this type which offers: complete control of your soldiers. You can lie on the beach and then you can go wherever you want. It's a big improvement over the titles you leave more to offer in addition level strategy development. You can choose to try to lure enemies away from the stationary defense, so you have a better chance of winning against them. Improve things even more, once you unlock the leader of the pirates, offering their own individual abilities.
Raids Gloria is also quite generous with premium currency (skull), allowing complete daily quests and achievements to get more. Add some approach to the game, as well as a strong reason to log on every day.

So raids Gloria is very similar to other games, but offers something of himself, too. Throw in the fact that it looks very beautiful and she does not feel like the "also ran" as I feared. Of course it is far from the original, but at least they're doing something right.